Hello, my name is Jevgenij Sarov. The purpose of this website is to help those people who are looking for it, to find a solution to they‘re problems. We are created "by the image of God." In my work, I use the following pattern: "The Spirit can be good and evil - the Devil and the Holy Spirit. The Spirit fills the soul, which uses the senses and the mind as tools. The soul is inside the body."

How I Became a Psychoanalyst:

I graduated from the 2nd Moscow Medical Institute.
I worked as a doctor-narcologist.
I specialized in psychiatrist
The first qualification category of physician - psychiatrist was granted
I studied and completed the Dutch Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program.
I became a member of the International Psychoanalytic Association
1984 yr.
1988 yr.
1991 yr.
1994 yr.
1995 - 2000 yr.
Since 2005 yr.
Vilniaus psichoanalitikų draugija
Vilnius Society of Psychoanalysts: Tomas Kajokas, Aurelija Markevičienė, Vijolė Aputytė, Jevgenij Šarov, Stasė Meškauskienė, Nomeda Barštienė, Daiva Jakeliunienė, Rema Zidonienė

From 1997 to 2000 I studied group analysis – I have the status of a group therapy psychotherapist. I started studying classical psychoanalysis.

Since 2005 I am: